How to remember English language, studying it through ironic illustrations and real life situations

If you ended up on this page it might mean you’re having some trouble remembering English vocabulary, phrasal verbs, idioms or understanding English grammar.

Let our happy family help you learn new expressions and I bet this time YOU REALLY WILL NOT forget them! 😛

Have you ever realised you couldn’t remember English vocabulary?

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Vocabulary is an essential part of learning English language. If you think that endlessly repeating a list of words will make you learn fast, you’re probably wrong. It’s better to learn vocabulary in a creative and funny way. Now you can do it thanks to our cartoons inspired by ironic situations.

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Have you ever wanted to use English phrasal verbs but you couldn’t put them in context?

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Remembering phrasal verbs is a difficult part of studying English language and it’s because of many reasons. There are so many different phrasal verbs and they can be confusing because of many possible combinations between propositions and verbs in the English language. Thanks to you can learn by identifying yourself with real life scenes, and memorising phrasal verbs will be easy.

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Have you ever put English idioms in the wrong context and got strange looks from your listeners?

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Using English idioms correctly can be difficult because it is necessary to use their metaphorical meaning in real life situations. Therefore, it could be complicated to understand when an English idiom should not be translated literally. Also in this case it’s useful to study them in context, in a funny and witty way.

English idioms

Does English grammar seem as complicated as a Rubik’s Cube?

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English grammar can seem complicated when it’s not explained in an easy way. Sometimes we perfectly know the rules but we are not able to use it in a real conversation.It is therefore important to study real life examples of grammar use and always try to put it in a context. If it’s a funny context, your memory will work better 😉

English grammar

A fun way to remember English, learning at home with an innovative method based on intriguing and witty illustrations

Memorising English vocabulary, English phrasal verbs, English idioms and English grammar with fun

If you find learning English difficult, especially English vocabulary, phrasal verbs, idioms or grammar, you should know it’s perfectly normal. Everything is ok with you and you’re not starting to lose your memory ;). It’s just that memorising new expressions, idioms, phrasal verbs and so on on understanding grammatical rules, isn’t easy. Our brains just don’t think it’s fun. If your brain thinks what you’re doing isn’t interesting, it will do anything to prevent it from succeeding ;), like it will get distracted and think about something else or just slow down the learning process a lot.

Learning English language in real life situations

What you’ll find on this website are funny and spicy illustrations showing the life of a family. You’ll see the married couple, their child and their dog in typical real life situations, often ironic, which will resonate with you and which you can relate to. You will also learn many common colloquial and slang expressions which native English speakers use.You can also listen to the dialogues and practice the correct pronunciation and test your English with our exercises/quiz section.

Let our website serve you a moment of relax after a hard day, let it cheer you up, lift your mood and ENTERTAIN YOU…
and hey, I almost forgot, it will teach you English too!