When we use Mixed conditional 3+2

Mixed conditional 3+2
We use Mixed conditional 3+2 for PAST SITUATIONS which have AN EFFECT IN THE PRESENT.

An example of mixed conditional 3+2 use in context.

The woman’s hoover doesn’t work illustrated with mixed conditional 3+2

The woman hasn’t plugged in the hoover (in the past) so it doesn’t work now.

How we form mixed conditional 3+2

The first part (after “if”) is taken from the third conditional and the second part is taken from the second conditional.

If + past perfect, would/could + verb.

Other examples of mixed conditional 3+2 use in a sentence

  • If I hadn’t spent all my money on the car, I wouldn’t be broke now.
  • She wouldn’t be sad now if he hadn’t told her he didn’t love her.
  • If I hadn’t argued with her yesterday, I could call her now.