When we use Mixed conditional 2+3

Mixed conditional 2+3
We use Mixed conditional 2+3 when something which IS ALWAYS TRUE had INFLUENCE ON A PAST event.

An example of mixed conditional 2+3 use in context.

The woman has butterfingers so she has dropped the bottle which illustrates mixed conditional 2+3 use.

The woman has butterfingers (now and always) so she dropped the bottle (in the past).

How we form mixed conditional 2+3

The first part (after “if”) is taken from the second conditional and the second part is taken from the third conditional.

If + past simple, would/could + have + past participle

Other examples of mixed conditional 2+3 use in a sentence

  • If I were you all my money on the car, I wouldn’t have accepted the offer yesterday.
  • She would have left him then if she didn’t love him.
  • If I weren’t tall, they wouldn’t have hired me as a model last month.