When we use past simple

Past Simple
We use it when something HAPPENED IN THE PAST AND IT FINISHED IN THE PAST. We often SAY WHEN:last year, in 2007, when I was a baby, 5 minutes ago. It doesn’t change if the action started a long time ago or a short time ago.

An example of past simple use

The woman uses past simple tense to say she did something yesterday

The woman bought a new hoodie yesterday. (Action happened in the past and we say when=yesterday).

How we form past simple

positive sentences: subject + verb in past simple form + object

negative sentences: subject + didn’t + verb in base form + object

questions: Did + subject + verb in base form+ object

Other examples of past simple use in a sentence

  • She told you last week.
  • We went to school together, remember?
  • I went on holiday to Greece last year.