“What on Earth…?”: idiom meaning.

What on Earth…?
We use “What (/how/why, etc.) on Earth…” as a reaction to something that is shocking, surprising or makes us angry.

Other examples of “What on Earth…?” idiom in a sentence

  • What on Earth are you wearing?!?
  • Why on Earth would he do something so cruel?!?
  • How on Earth did he get here?!?

“What on Earth…?”: use in context explanation

Richard and John want come to their favourite disco club and want to join a “Green Pass party”. John understood and then told Richard it’s a party where everyone needs to wear green clothes to be able to enter. They both like theme parties and have bought green clothes specially for this occasion. When they come, though, the disco bouncer doesn’t want to let them in. He says they need to show his a Green Pass. Richard is confused, asks John what on Earth is the bouncer talking about and if they got something wrong.