“Come with”: phrasal verb meaning.

Come with
If you buy something and it “comes with” something else, it means they are sold together (because they can be used together or one is a part of the other or a gadget), for example a mobile phone and headphones are sold together in the same box.

Other examples of “come with” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • This fridge comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • The mobile phone came with the headphones.
  • Our rooms come with a sea-view balcony.

“Come with”: use in context explanation

The man opens his wife’s wardrobe and finds a new scarf. He knows it’s new because there’s still a price tag attached to it. He thinks his wife spends too much money and gets angry when she buys new clothes. The woman explains that the scarf came with the new bag she’s bought and is showing to him. The man is going to be even more angry because she didn’t only buy a new scarf but also a new bag!