“Give a lift”: idiom meaning.

Give a lift
To take someone in your car, (let them get in) and drive them to a place where they want to go, you being the one who is behing the wheel. It can be a journey planned ahead or, in the case of our illustration a spontaneous decision taken at the moment.

Other examples of “give a lift” idiom in a sentence

  • Can you please give me a lift?
  • Giving a lift to an unknown person may be dangerous.
  • Shall I give you a lift?

“Give a lift”: use in context explanation

The woman and her best friend are going to the spa in the woman’s car to have a relaxing afternoon. While they are driving, they notice there’s a hitchhiker wanting to get a lift. They know that in our times it might be very dangerous to let a stranger get in your car, especially when you are a woman and the person hitchhiking is a man. Nevertheless, they let their guard down this time. They stop being so worried and cautious, because the guy happens to be very good-looking. They think maybe this time they can make an exception and give this man a lift.