She said me

Even though many non-English speakers say it, it’s wrong. “She said to me” or “She told me” are correct.

It tastes well!

“Well” is an icorrect word in this context. You should say “It tastes good”, instead.

He is catching the train every day

The grammatical tense is incorrect. We use present continuous for things that are happening now, today or this week. We use present simple for things that happen repeatedly like “every day”. Thus, the sentence should be “He catches the train every day”.

Ask to John if he wants some beer

“Ask” is NOT followed by “to”. The correct sentence is “Ask John if he wants some beer”.

I can’t find my t-shirt! Where is?

Where is WHAT? (IT=t-shirt). Therefore, you should say “Where is it?”

I’m going to my friend’s house for the dinner

No, we mean “dinner” in general so it has no “the”. The correct sentence is: “I’m going to my friend’s house for dinner”.

We can say “the dinner” if we’re talking about a specific dinner. For example: ” How was the dinner at the hotel yesterday?”