Not like other English video lessons

Our videos are different from all the others! We don’t teach using the typical scholastic approach that many find boring. We entertain by teaching. Our videos are ironic, hilarious, some may even say provocative. This all will make you learn without any struggle and remember the English words and expression so easily like you remember your favourite jokes. Learning with The Codds is having fun and it requires no effort.

Just like your favourite cartoon or TV series!

The Codds will become like your favourite TV series or your favourite cartoon. Our characters live a normal life with its pleasures and its problems. They are entertaining to watch and the funny contexts will make you remember the everyday English words and expressions so that you can use them once you will find yourself in similar situations in real life.

Why video lessons?

Because it’s instant. Learning English words used in everyday life without any effort will be pure entertainment. This new method of learning English vocabulary will entertain you and it will make you start loving English language learning.

Why is it a funny and innovative method?

Because you will learn English words without realising that you’re learning. Our spicy English dialogues and funny everyday situations will make you laugh and teach you the typical English words and expressions used by Native speakers.