“Act like”: vocabulary meaning.

Act like
To behave in a certain way. To do things (behave) similarly to another person (“act like someone”) or similarly to when you are in a particular situation (“act like you are in a disco”, “act like you’re crazy”)

Other examples of “act like” vocabulary in a sentence

  • Stop acting like a stupid! Do the right thing!
  • He is acting like he really believes her lies.
  • You are acting strange. Are you OK?

“Act like”: use in context explanation

The man comes out of the toilet and suddenly a girl starts laughing at him. At first he doesn’t know why she is laughing but then he realises he got toilet paper stuck in his pants! This is so embarrassing! His wife sees everything and giggles (laughs) but she tries to help her husband. She says it may happen to everyone and he should just ignore the laughing girl and act like he just doesn’t care.