“Armpit stains”: vocabulary meaning.

Armpit stains
Circles under your arms that appear when it’s hot and you sweat a lot. They make your armpits (underarms) seem wet and not very nice to look at.

Other examples of “armpit stains” vocabulary in a sentence

  • How can I remove yellow armpit stains from my clothes?
  • Wearing good quality shirts can help you avoid armpit stains.
  • I always get armpit stains. I hate them.

“Armpit stains”: use in context explanation

The man is in a bar and would like to meet a nice lady, but first he needs to check if he looks good. Oh no! He’s got armpit stains again! He needs to go home and change his jumper. The barman notices that the man is upset and tries to console him saying he shouldn’e worry because it happens to everyone to get armpit stains sometimes.