“Bargain”: vocabulary meaning.

If you buy/sell something and say it’s a bargain it means it is very cheap compared to its quality. It may be because something is on sale, it’s a special offer and the price is reduced.

Other examples of “bargain” vocabulary in a sentence

  • Only 1 euro? It’s a real bargain!
  • The bag cost me only half of the price. It was a bargain!
  • They are selling the CD’s at bargain prices.

“Bargain”: use in context explanation

The man comes into the shop and notices a real bargain! There’s a big discount on deodorants. He’s been having some sweting problems recently and he really needs a good, strong and fresh deodorant but he is shy and quite embarrassed, so he says it’s not for him but it’s a present for his friend. The shop assistant gives him the deodorants and says he should get more because it’s a real bargain.