“Binge on”: phrasal verb meaning.

Binge on
Do something excessively, like eat too much chocolate or sweet things or drink too much alcohol, or for example watch too much television, which is called binge-watching, when you watch the the whole TV series at once. I’m sure it has happened to most of you ;).

Other examples of “binge on” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • I know I binge on sugar but I can’t help it.
  • Binging on alcohol can be dangerous.
  • Stop binging on biscuits!

“Binge on”: use in context explanation

The husband is standing on the scale because he wants to check his weight. He feels he has gained some kilos around his waist recently. His wife comes and sees him standing on the scale. She is exasperated. She can tell her husband put on weight recently and she is not happy about it. She says it’s all his fault because he eats too much high-fat food and in addition to that, he is binging on beer. She wants him to stop doing it so he can lose the extra kilograms and look good again.