“Brake”: vocabulary meaning.

To stop your car, pressing the “brake” pedal. The brake pedal is usually the one in the middle, between two other pedals. If you push this pedal with your foot, the car will slow down or stop.

Other examples of “brake” vocabulary in a sentence

  • Put your foot on the brake if you want to stop the car.
  • Should I press the clutch when I brake?
  • Brake gently or we will wake up the baby sleeping in the car.

“Brake”: use in context explanation

The wife and the husband are coming back from a party at their friend’s house. The husband has had a few beers so he can’t drive. Therefore, the wife is behind the wheel. She suddenly spots a billboard, which advertises shops and sales. The woman is so interested in the advertisement that she doesn’t realise the traffic light has turned to red. She should brake, but she hasn’t. Her husband is pointing at the red light and shouting for his wife to brake.