“Butterfingers”: idiom meaning.

To have butterfingers
If you say you have “butterfingers” it means that you drop objects often and then they might break. Having “butterfingers” means being clumsy and not able to hold things in your hands without dropping them on the floor.

Other examples of “butterfingers” idiom in a sentence

  • She’s such a butterfingers, she drops everything.
  • I wouldn’t hire him as a waiter, he has butterfingers.
  • We don’t have any chance of winning with this butterfingers in our team.

“Butterfingers”: use in context explanation

The woman has been preparing dinner for her and her husband. She has bought a good wine and is waiting for her husband to come back home from work. The man has just called her on the phone and said he will be there in 5 minutes. The woman decides to open the bottle and pour the wine into the glasses. But something happens. Suddenly, the wine slips out of her hands! It falls on the floor and breaks into pieces. She is such a butterfingers. The woman only had one bottle of wine and they will have to drink some juice instead. She is not going to be angry at herself though and she is just laughing at the situation and says she has butterfingers.