“Can we make it…?”: idiom meaning.

Can we make it…?
Is it possible to move the appoinment to a different time or a different day? For example, the meeting is at 6.00 but you are busy and you can’t be there at 6.00. You ask: “Can we make it 8.00”? By asking this question you want to move the meeting to 8.00 o’clock so you will be able to come.

Other examples of “Can we make it…?” idiom in a sentence

  • I’m busy at noon. Can we make it 3p.m?
  • Oh, I’m sorry. I can’t come on Monday. Can we make it Tuesday?
  • Can we make it next week? This week I’m very busy.

“Can we make it…?”: use in context explanation

Jane is still not ready to go to the party. She is doing her nails and is waiting until the nail polish dries. Her friend, Tara, calls her again, quite angry. She doesn’t want to start the party without her best friend. Jane says she is still at work and asks if they can start at 9.30.