“Come at (me)”: phrasal verb meaning.

Come at (me)
If an animal like a dog “comes at” you it means it attacks you, moves fast in your direction, barking and looking scary. If a person “comes at” you, he/she moves fast in your direction to do something bad to you like steal your money or hurt you.

Other examples of “come at (me)” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • The man came at me with a knife.
  • He grabbed a pipe and came at her.
  • What would you do if a dog came at you in an aggressive way?

“Come at (me)”: use in context explanation

The couple are walking in the park when suddenly a big, scary dog comes at the woman aggressively! The husband is very scared at calls the policeman to help them. But the wife says it’s all OK. The dog isn’t actually aggressive and doesn’t want to hurt her. It’s just the smell of her new strawberry lipstick that attracts the dog. She laughs.