“Come over”: phrasal verb meaning.

Come over
An expression very often used in spoken English. It means to come here where I am now, for example come to my house for a visit. For example, you can use this expression when you invite someone for dinner to your house. Instead of saying “come to my house for dinner” you can say “come over for dinner” and it will mean the same thing.

Other examples of “come over” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • Do you want to come over and have a coffee with me?
  • Why don’t you come over and we’ll discuss it.
  • My parents are coming over for dinner.

“Come over”: use in context explanation

The married couple are having a party. They are having fun. The husband comes out of the house and sees two cute girls standing near him. He wants to be polite and so he invites them to come over and join the party, come in and party with him in his house. His wife is not happy about it, though. She comes out of the house too and she says she is very angry, furious at her husband because she doesn’t like when he talks to other girls. She is jealous of him.