“Come up with”: phrasal verb meaning.

Come up with
Come up with (an idea) is to invent an idea. When a thought comes to your mind, you suddenly think of something interesting, new, useful, a solution to a problem (you come up with a solution) or a new invention like in our illustration.

Other examples of “come up with” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • Why don’t you come up with a better idea?
  • We have to come up with a good plan.
  • Who came up with this solution?

“Come up with”: use in context explanation

The husband and the wife are walking with their dog. Suddenly the woman spots something that makes her really agitated and angry. There are some new parking spaces on the street where they both live. The thing that maeks her really furious is that there is a separate parking space only for women and its size is double. The woman knows that many people think women can’t drive or park which she thinks is ridiculous and completely untrue. What’s more, there’s a car parked in that space and it is not parked well. Her husband, on the other hand, totally agrees with the stereotype that women are bad drivers and thinks the person who’s come up with this idea is a genius.