“Crawl along”: idiom meaning.

Crawl along
If the traffic is crawling along, it is moving very, very slow. It happens often on busy streets, especially during “rush hours” when people drive their cars to go to work or to come back home from work. Being stuck in a traffic that is crawling along might be really annoying.

Other examples of “crawl along” idiom in a sentence

  • The snail is crawling along the pavement.
  • The baby is crawling along the floor.
  • If the traffic keeps crawling along, we’re going to be late.

“Crawl along”: use in context explanation

The woman and her friend are going to the restaurant to have lunch together and gossip. Unfortunately, they have chosen the “peak hour”, which is the time when the traffic crawls along and so they are moving very slowly. They won’t let the traffic jam ruin their good mood, though. They have decided to use this time to put some make up on. The woman is prepared for those kinds of situations, she always carries with her a portable mirror, just in case. They both hope to get to the restaurant on time.