“Cut down on”: phrasal verb meaning.

Cut down on
Reduce, make something less. For example if you cut down on chocolate, it means that you are not going to eat as much chocolate as you did in the past. You are still going to eat some, but less. It’s often used with the preposition “on” following it, like in “cut down on sweets”.

Other examples of “cut down on” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • I’m trying to cut down on sugar.
  • I think you should cut down on chocolate.
  • Cut down on eating cakes or you’ll get fat.

“Cut down on”: use in context explanation

The woman wants to go on a diet. She wants to look slim and fit and be healthy, and she knows being on a healthy diet is fashionable. The woman decided she slowly wants to cut down on the intake of red meat like beef or pork or even remove it completely from her diet. She wants her husband to join her. For this reason she’s been to the supermarket where she bought some healthy vegetables like carrots and cabbage. Her husband doesn’t want to follow his wife’s diet and says she is crazy. He says he wants to keep eating meat and doesn’t care about healthy eating. He is used to eating meat daily and he is not going to give it up. She listens to his arguments and after a while she agrees with him, drops the idea of not eating meat and admits she was wrong.