“Cut off”: phrasal verb meaning.

Cut off
If something like electricity (power) supply, gas or water is “cut off” it means it’s stopped. The reason might be someone not paying the electricity bill and so this person may have the electricity cut off (have no power in the house).

Other examples of “cut off” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • They have cut off the gas!
  • The water supply was cut off for some minutes but now it’s back.
  • They say they will cut off the power supply if we don’t pay.

“Cut off”: use in context explanation

The man comes back home from work and sees the house full of candles and the lights turned off. He immediately thinks his wife’s had a fantastic idea to prepare a romantic dinner for them. He is very happy but the wife says she hasn’t prepared any romantic dinner. She says that the electricity supply has been cut off because her husband hasn’t been paying for a long time. He forgot! She is angry.