“Don’t mind me”: idiom meaning.

Don’t mind me
Don’t pay attention to what I’m doing, don’t feel disturbed in any way by me and my presence, don’t stop what you are doing just because of me.

Other examples of “don’t mind me” idiom in a sentence

  • Don’t mind me, I just have to get some documents from the drawer.
  • Don’t mind me! I just banged my head and I’m bleeding. (ironic)
  • Don’t mind me and continue working.

“Don’t mind me”: use in context explanation

The woman is taking a shower after a hard day at work. This is a moment just for herself. She can sing in the shower and relax. Suddenly she notices that her husband is in the bathroom. He has brought himself an armchair from the living room, sat on it and has been watching her having the shower all the time, without telling her about it. When he notices she’s seen him, he says that she shouldn’t mind him. She should continue taking the shower without paying any attention to him and pretend he isn’t there. She doesn’t know what to think about it, she thinks it’s a bit strange.