“Doesn’t make sense”: idiom meaning.

Doesn’t make sense
It is not logical so it’s difficult to understand and you think there must be a different explanation for it. Consequently, it makes you feel confused.

Other examples of “doesn’t make sense” idiom in a sentence

  • Your explanation doesn’t make sense. I think you are lying.
  • Why would he steal his own money? It doesn’t make sense.
  • It doesn’t make any sense. There must be a different reason.

“Doesn’t make sense”: use in context explanation

The man opens his wife’s wardrobe and he is very surprised and confused. Most of the clothes still have price tags on but it doesn’t make sense because she has told him she didn’t buy any new clothes recently. The man doesn’t know what to think about it. The clothes look new so is the woman lying to him and secretly buying new stuff and spending money without telling him about it?