“Lose your temper”: idiom meaning.

Lose your temper
Lose your patience, suddenly become very angry and stop controlling yourself and your actions. Often used in negative as “Dont lose your temper” which means don’t get angry, stay calm.

Other examples of “lose your temper” idiom in a sentence

  • He lost his temper and started shouting.
  • You always lose your temper quickly, you need to learn to calm down.
  • I can’t promise I’m not going to lose my temper.

“Lose your temper”: use in context explanation

The kid has been playing in the kitchen. Suddenly his parents come and see something that makes them lose their patience and get really really angry, especially the father. The little boy has taken his dad’s beers, somehow managed to open them and spilt them all over the floor. The man is really mad because he is left with no beer and they will have to spend long time cleaning all the mess. The wife sees her husband is losing his temper and tries to calm him down, It’s just a baby after all.