“The point is”: idiom meaning.

The point is
The most important information or idea. Other information is not so important compared to this one. Like when you have a car accident and your car is damaged and you’re late for work but the point is nobody is hurt, so that’s the most important thing.

Other examples of “the point is” idiom in a sentence

  • The point is nobody in this company knows how to resolve the problem.
  • The point is I’ve already told you about it.
  • The point is, if we continue fighting, our relationship will end soon.

“The point is”: use in context explanation

The couple are resting, tired after a long day. Teh woman wants to watch a film on DVD. Her husband chooses the film and plays it. After 15 minutes the wife looks at him and asks him a favour. She asks him if they can play the film again from the start because she was distracted and she didn’t see the beginning of it. He is angry. He says he can play the film again but the point is she is never watching films with him because her mobile phone is more important for her.