“Burst with”: idiom meaning.

Burst with
Be full of certain feelings or emotions. In the example above, the wife is overwhelmed with a strong feeling of pride, everybody can tell she is proud of herself by looking at her. She is smiling and is very happy about herself.

Other examples of “burst with” idiom in a sentence

  • My wallet is bursting with money.
  • He is bursting with good ideas.
  • I’m so happy, I’m bursting with excitement.

“Burst with”: use in context explanation

The wife has just graduated. It is the day of the graduation ceremony. She is dressed up, she is wearing the famous square academic cap. It is a very important day for her. Many people didn’t believe she would complete her studies but there she is, receiving her diploma. She has invited her husband to the ceremony and he is also proud to be there. She is going to give her graduation speech in front of many people and lecturers and she is going to pose for pictures. The woman is bursting with pride but at the same time, she is so tense and anxious that she doesn’t realise she’s holding her diploma upside down. The husband has noticed it and is worried people are going to laugh at his wife instead of admiring her.