“How’s it going (greeting)?”: idiom meaning.

How’s it going?
Similar to “How are you?”. A question used when you meet someone and you want to know if the person is ok and if he/she has any news to tell you? Usually the answer is “fine”, “it’s going fine”, “OK”.

Other examples of “How’s it going (greeting)?” idiom in a sentence

  • Peter, nice to see you! How’s it going?
  • How’s it going, Mark?

“How’s it going (greeting)?”: use in context explanation

The man is playing with his son. They pretend they are talking on the phone, using cans instead of real phones. The man is holding a can of beer and his son a can of coke. Dad answers the phone and the kid greets his father saying: “How’s it going” and waits for his father to answer