“Laugh my head off”: idiom meaning.

Laugh my head off
Laugh a lot when something is hilarious, extremely funny. In the example above, what made the man laugh so hard that he almost cried was his wife and her wardrobe contents. He just likes to look at them every once in a while to cheer himself up after a long and hard day.

Other examples of “laugh my head off” idiom in a sentence

  • You had me laughing my head off when you told me that joke.
  • She’s going to be laughing her head off when she sees it.
  • I’ll be laughing my head off when I see him in this hat.

“Laugh my head off”: use in context explanation

The wife comes home and notices her husband looking at her clothes in the wardrobe and laughing his head off. She thinks he shouldn’t go through her stuff when she’s not in the house. It’s rude of him. She asks him the reason why he’s opened her wardrobe. He continues laughing and says he just wanted to boost his mood and have a good laugh and that he thinks her clothes are strange and funny.