“Music to my ears”: idiom meaning.

Music to my ears
You can use this expression when someone tells you good news, something very pleasurable. It can be something that you have been expecting or not but you’re certainly delighted to hear it. In our example the wife thinks the fact that the trainer is single now, is definitely great information!

Other examples of “music to my ears” idiom in a sentence

  • Oh finally! That’s music to my ears.
  • It it turned out to be true it would be music to my ears.
  • So you’ve got engaged! That’s music to my ears.

“Music to my ears”: use in context explanation

The woman and her best friend are in a gym. They like working out and staying fit. Going to the gym is also time for both of them to get away from their daily routines and catch up on the latest gossip. The gym trainer is a very cute guy. The woman’s friend has news for her! The trainer has just broken up with his girlfriend. Both girls jokingly say that it’s wonderful news and music to their ears!