“Set your boundaries”: idiom meaning.

Set your boundaries
Create invisible limits for what other people can do to you or expect you to do for them and what they can’t. If a parent teaches a child to set his boundaries, he is teaching him/her that saying “no” is OK and you don’t have to do things you don’t want to just because other people tell you to do them.

Other examples of “set your boundaries” idiom in a sentence

  • I have a problem with setting my boundaries. I can’t say “no” to people.
  • You should set some boundaries.
  • Sometimes you can lose a friend when you start setting boundaries.

“Set your boundaries”: use in context explanation

The kid has been playing with paper and he’s made a big mess in the room. There are sheets of paper everywhere. His mum is very angry. She tells her child to clean it up immediately. But the kid won’t listen to her. He says he is not cleaning it up. The woman thinks he shouldn’t talk like this to his mum but her husband can see the bright side to it. He thinks his son is learning to set boundaries and it might be a good thing.