“Give me a break”: idiom meaning

Give me a break
A colloquial expression used when someone is acting embarrassing or in a stupid way and you can’t believe he or she is doing it. Said also when you think someone is trying to do something that he/she is not good enough to do and you are sure he/she’s going to fail.

Other examples of “give me a break” idiom in a sentence

  • Does he really think he is a great singer? Oh, give me a break!
  • He is asking the most beautiful girl in the school to go out with him? Oh, give me a break!
  • Give me a break! She’ll never convince me it’s true.

“Give me a break”: use in context explanation

It’s the first day of school! The dad is excited his son is starting school and has prepared everything for his child. He’s bought him a new schoolbag and a brand new, cool pencilcase. They go to the school in dad’s car and the kid runs to a group of friends. Suddenly, the child turns around and spots his dad running and saying he’s forgotten his lunch box. He can’t believe his dad is doing such an embarrassing thing with this ridiculous lunch box which looks like a girl’s lunch box. It’s definitely not cool like all the stuff his friends have. He says: “Oh, give me a break”.