“Beat around the bush”: vocabulary meaning.

Beat around the bush
Someone is beating around/about the bush if he/she doesn’t want to talk about the most important point of the discussion but is, instead, talking about other, unimportant things, giving a lot of details but avoids talking about the main point. The reason is that maybe this person doesn’t want to talk about this most important point, mabe he/she is embarrassed or knows that the listener will not like it.

Other examples of “Beat around the bush” vocabulary in a sentence

  • Stop beating around the bush and give me the answer.
  • Quit beating around the bush and tell me what really happened.
  • He will just beat around the bush not saying what he really thinks.

“Beat around the bush”: use in context explanation

The men are participating in a course because they want to get rich doing nothing. They want an easy way to obtain their goal but the teacher is beating around the bush and not answering the main question of the course. At a certain point, one of the participants gets angry and tells the professor to stop beating around the bush and start telling them how to be rich without any effort.