“I hereby declare”: idiom meaning.

I hereby declare
A phrase which you can see at the top of a formal written document or you can hear at the beginning of a formal speech. It means that here, with these words written in this document or spoken I declare something. At a wedding a priest says:”I hereby pronounce you husband and wife”. You can also say for example “I hereby certify…” or “I hereby confess…”.

Other examples of “I hereby declare” idiom in a sentence

  • I hereby declare I have read the document.
  • I hereby promise I will return all the money.
  • We hereby authorize the data transfer.

“I hereby declare”: use in context explanation

The man has made a terrible mistake. He has forgotten about his wife’s birtday. She was waiting all day for some flowers or a birthday present and he simply forgot! The wife is really angry and wants her husband to make up a document where he will write: “I hereby declare I will never forget my wife’s birthday again”. He feels really terrible about the fact he didn’e remember this important date so he writes and signs the paper and promises it will never happen again.