“Pull yourself together”: idiom meaning.

Pull yourself together
Stop crying or being sad or angry, calm down, regain your composure. Said when someone has lost control over his own emotions for various reasons and for example starts crying uncontrollably.

Other examples of “pull yourself together” idiom in a sentence

  • Ok, that’s enough, now pull yourself together!
  • Pull yourself together, there’s a taxi waiting for you outside.
  • I stopped crying and pulled myself together.

“Pull yourself together”: use in context explanation

The husband, his son and dog are watching a football match. They support the English team, they have all the cool gadgets every football fan should have. The man is wearing a white and red wig, the dog is wearing a scarf with these colours and the baby is waving the flag of England. They really hope their team will win and are really excited about it. Unfortunately, the team they support loses the game. It’s a real disappoinment. The man bursts out crying ans do does his little son. They can’t control their emotions. They are very very sad and angry. The wife comes into the room and sees her husband weeping like crazy. She thinks he is overreacting and should stop it. She tells him to pull himself together.