“Ask out”: phrasal verb meaning.

Ask out
To ask someone you like to go somewhere together as a couple, maybe have a romantic dinner or a romantic walk in the park for example. “Ask out” is not used when you invite your friends but when you invite someone you like or love and want to have a romantic relashionship with.

Other examples of “ask out” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • He asked me out but I said no.
  • I want to ask her out but I’m afraid she doesn’t like me.
  • Don’t be shy. Just ask her out!

“Ask out”: use in context explanation

Two friends are walking down the street when they see a beautiful woman. One of them wants to ask her out but he lacks courage. His friend decides to help him and chats the girl up. He says his friend wants to ask her out but she answers that she doesn’t speak English. Is it true or is it only an excuse?…