“Brush up on”: phrasal verb meaning.

Brush up on
Improve (make better) something you could do in the past but then you don’t do it for a long time and you forget how to do it. When you forget you have to “brush up on” it to be good at it again.

Other examples of “Brush up on” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • I need to brush up on my Italian before I go to Rome.
  • You should brush up on the poker rules before you play.
  • Car drivers should brush up on their knowledge of first aid in case they have an accident.

“Brush up on”: use in context explanation

The woman likes cooking but she doesn’t have much time to do it every day. She was once a very good cook but she’s lost her skills over time. Today she wants to brush up on her cooking skills and cook something special. Unfortunately, the oil in the pot catches on fire. Oops…