“Keep off”: phrasal verb meaning.

Keep off
Not go there, not step on it, not touch it. Stay away from an area or from something.

Other examples of “keep off” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • Your dog must keep off the beach.
  • I want to keep off junk food for a while.
  • Keep the dog off the food, please!

“Keep off”: use in context explanation

The woman is walking with her dog. Suddenly they see a very nice policeman. The woman wants to play a joke on him and do something so she can have a chance to chat with this interesting man. She walks onto a beautiful, green lawn with her dog even if the sign says to keep off the grass but she wants to draw the policeman’s attention. It works! The policeman is coming in her direction. She puts her favourite red lipstick on and is ready to take the consequences of her behaviour 😉