“Snap off”: phrasal verb meaning.

Snap off
Break a part of something so it becomes detached. It is done with a “snap” sound which is a short sound similar to the sound when you turn on or off the lights with your finger, take a photo or close a book quickly.

Other examples of “Snap off” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • To cook beans you need to snap the ends off first.
  • The baby snapped a little twig off the tree and played with it.
  • When you eat a srab you need to snap off the legs.

“Snap off”: use in context explanation

The girls are in an office reception waiting for the office worker to come and talk to them. The immediately notice cute pens with ball chain which are attached t-o the desk. They love the pens. One of the girls she would like to snap it off, put in in her bag and take home. The other girl admits she would like to snap the pen off, too.