“Answer back”: phrasal verb meaning.

Answer back
Used especially when talking about a child who answers to an adult in a rude, impolite way, sometimes using bad words. In the example above, the child uses the words “disgusting” and “crap” which show misappreciation of the food that his dedicated mum has prepared for him.

Other examples of “answer back” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • Her child always answers back.
  • Don’t answer me back!
  • He is very polite and never answers back.

“Answer back”: use in context explanation

The mum is trying hard to feed her child the best way she can. She knows that babies need a lot of vitamins and vegetables are good for them. Every mum wants the best for her offspring. She’s mashed the vegetables because her baby is still very small and doesn’t have all the teeth grown out yet so he can’t chew hard food. Despite the mother’s best intentions, the baby doesn’t fancy veggies and has no intention to eat them. He answers back to his mum in a impolite and rude manner. The mother is sorry that her baby refuses the meal she’s prepared with love and care. She is also angry that her son is showing bad manners. She tells him off by saying he can’t anwer back to her.