“Tissues”: vocabulary meaning.

White, soft paper used to clean your hands, face or objects. They are usually sold in small packets which you can put in your pocket or bag or bigger boxes. You usually use a lot of them in winter to blow your nose when you have a cold. Some tissues may be scented which means they have a nice smell.

Other examples of “tissues” vocabulary in a sentence

  • Use tissues to blow your nose.
  • Have you got a tissue?
  • I’ve bought 3 packs of tissues.

“Tissues”: use in context explanation

The man is watching a football match. His favourite team are playing. He is really into watching football games and he doesn’t like anyone to disturb him. That’s why he likes to put on his headphones so he can hear clearly what the commentators are saying. He gave his little son a couple of bars of chocolate to keep him busy. The kid is still only a little baby and he often gets dirty when he eats chocolate. In fact, he’s eaten a lot and he is really dirty now. He likes being clean so he is screaming loudly for his father to hear him and bring him some tissues. Unfortunately, the man is only focused on the game at the moment.