“Blow (the money)”: vocabulary meaning.

Blow (the money)
Spend a lot of money on stupid things, things you don’t need. In the example above, the wife is going to spend all her husband’s money on clothes she doesn’t need and maybe she’s not even going to wear. Women are probably more prone to excessive money spending than men.

Other examples of “blow (the money)” vocabulary in a sentence

  • I can’t believe you blew all our money!
  • Just don’t blow every cent!
  • What did you blow all the money on?

“Blow (the money)”: use in context explanation

The couple are walking, when the wife suddenly spots a clothes shop with sales. She is enthusiastic and can’t believe her luck because, like most women, she loves shopping and is happy when she can get something with a discount, even if in this case the discount is rather small, only 3 %. The husband doesn’t share her happiness, though. He is angry that they bumped into this shop and he knows his wife very well. He knows she is going to blow all his money on clothes and accessories which she doesn’t need and she already has tons of clothes at home in her wardrobe. He knows that when they come out of the shop he is going to have no money in his wallet.