“Stuck”: vocabulary meaning.

Blocked, trapped somewhere and you can’t move or get out of there. You can be stuck in a traffic jam when the traffic is crawling along and so your car is moving very slowly or not moving at all or, like in the example above, in a closed space where the door won’t open.

Other examples of “stuck” vocabulary in a sentence

  • She’s stuck. She can’t get out!
  • I’m stuck in the office. I’ll be late.
  • The boat was stuck in the mud.

“Stuck”: use in context explanation

The man is coming home after a hard day at work. He takes the lift. Suddenly the lift stops and he realises he gets stuck and can’t get out. He panics. His hands are sweating. He has difficulty breathing and he feels like he’s going to faint any minute. The wife can hear him screaming from the lift and comes to see what’s happened. She tries to calm him down and assure him that she’s going to help him get out of there. She says comforting words to him and gets a hammer to break down the door.