“Cheat sheet”: vocabulary meaning.

Cheat sheet
A little piece of paper with the notes written before a school test or exam. It is used by some students to cheat during the test/exam. The students copy the answers from the cheat sheet to their tests. It’s considered an illegal and dishonest action.

Other examples of “Cheat sheet” vocabulary in a sentence

  • Are you going to bring a cheat sheet tomorrow?
  • I’m an honest person and I’ve never used a cheat sheet.
  • He’s preparing a cheat sheet for the test tomorrow.

“Cheat sheet”: use in context explanation

The girl is clearly cheating in an exam. She’s prepared a cheat sheet at home and glued in onto a bottle of water. But the teacher notices the cheat sheet on the bottle and is really angry. This girl is her favourite student and she would never expect her to be cheating! The girl is embarrassed that she got caught and tries to make the teacher believe it’s not a cheat sheet but… a list of water ingeredients. The teacher is not that stupid, though!