“Fancy”: vocabulary meaning.

Used in a question to ask if you would like something (if you want something). Used in an affirmative sentence, used to say you would like (want) something.

Other examples of “fancy” vocabulary in a sentence

  • Do you fancy going for a drink?
  • What do you fancy doing this weekend?
  • I didn’t fancy going out during the rain so I stayed at home.

“Fancy”: use in context explanation

The woman is making a coffee for herself and asks her husband: “Do you fancy a coffee, too?”. The husband is glad his wife has offered it to him because he feels really tired today and a boost of energy and something which will make him less tired. He says he fancies a coffee with one spoon of sugar. Unfortunately, the wife mistakes salt for sugar and puts a spoon of salt (instead of sugar) in the man’s coffee. He is not going to like it.