“Full of it”: idiom meaning.

Full of it
Talking nonsense, making things up (inventing), telling lies to make themselves important or big in the eyes of someone else, to impress them. You can use this expression to say you’re not fooled by the lies someone wants you to believe. Ps. Full of “it” actually means “full of sh**” but we don’t want to be rude or impolite.

Other examples of “full of it” idiom in a sentence

  • He thinks he’s so clever. He’s full of it.
  • She’s told you a bunch of lies. She’s full of it.

“Full of it”: use in context explanation

The husband wants his wife to think he was a very important and popular guy before meeting her and that she should be glad she married him. She says she had a possibility to go out on dates with famous women but it was his choice to decline. The wife is not stupid and she doesn’t believe any of the lies he’s telling. She doesn’t say anything and pretends to be listening but she thinks that her husband is full of it and is making it all up just to feel special and important.