“Fuzzy”: vocabulary meaning.

About vision, when you can’t see things clearly, they become blurry and you can’t see clear edges. It’s similar to when you forget to put on your glasses, and the automatic reaction is to squint our eyes in order to try to see things more focused. It also happens sometimes when you lose sleep and all you have to do is go to bed.

Other examples of “fuzzy” vocabulary in a sentence

  • The picture on the monitor is fuzzy.
  • I see everything fuzzy without my glasses on.

“Fuzzy”: use in context explanation

The husband has to work for long hours on the computer. The wife is a thoughtful and loving person and asks him if he wants her to get him something to drink. He replies he would like some alcohol, beer. She brings him some beer. He keeps working in front of the screen. After many hours he is still sitting in the same chair, working. The wife is concerned and comes to see if her husband is fine. He is confused and not able to think clearly at the moment. He is too tired. What’s more, he can’t see his wife clearly. His vision is fuzzy, like when you forget to put on your glasses. He definitely needs to go to sleep.