“Get back at”: phrasal verb meaning.

Get back at
Take revenge on someone. If someone does something bad to you, you want to do the same bad thing for him as a form of revenge, because you want that person to feel bad in the same way you felt bad after he/she did the unpleasant thing to you, you want him/her to pay for it.

Other examples of “Get back at” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • She scratched his car to get back at him.
  • Are you trying to get back at me for what I did yesterday?
  • He distroyed your toy to get back at you, because you distroyed his toy before.

“Get back at”: use in context explanation

The girls have decided to organise a Spa Day at Jane’s house. They want to dye their hair and try new makeup. They want to look beautiful and, in the evening, go out to a disco or a party. Unfortunately, things are not going as planned. Tara dyes Jane’s hair but, instead of a nice blond colour, it turns out green!!! Jane is furious at her friend and all she wants is to get back at her and make her look horrible, too. So she says she will do her makeup but she makes it look really bad. Jane looks in the mirror and gets angry. She says Jane has done in on purpose, just to get back at her for the green hair.