“(Get) cut off”: phrasal verb meaning.

(Get) cut off
When you’re speaking with someone on the phone and suddenly you “get cut off” it means that probably there’s a problem on the telephone line and you can’t hear the other person.

Other examples of “(get) cut off” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • What happened? I got cut off.
  • Hello? I can’t hear anything. I think I got cut off.
  • He couldn’t finish the conversation because he got cut off.

“(Get) cut off”: use in context explanation

The man is in drinking beer in a pub with his friend. He knows it’s late and he should be home by now but he’s enjoying the evening with his mate. His wife calls him to ask where he is and why he is late. He has to make up an excuse. He says he’s still at work and pretends he gets cut off to end the call as soon as possible and continue the chat with his friend.