“Get down to business”: idiom meaning.

Get down to business
Start talking about about what we need to talk about, without unnecessarily talking about things which are not important. Used often at work when people want to start talking about the work project immediately and not talk about weather, lunch and other topics which are not important at the moment.

Other examples of “get down to business” idiom in a sentence

  • Ok, let’s get down to business. I don’t have much time.
  • Nice to meet you, all. Let’s all sit down and get down to business, shall we?
  • Stop complaining and let’s get down to business.

“Get down to business”: use in context explanation

The woman comes to a clothes shop but she doesn’t have much time. She is in a hurry, but she really likes the new collection of dresses. She can’t decide which dress she likes the most so she wants to buy them all. The shop assistant wants to be nice, gives the woman a compliment and asks how she is. But the woman wants to get down to business. She doesn’t have time to chat with the assistant. She just wants to buy the dresses and go home so she tells the assistant they should get down to business and asks if she’s going to get a free bag if she buys all the dresses.